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Latter Day Saints Tijuana Temple

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Tijuana, Mexico

Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


ARW Engineers


Project Highlights:
-Project size: 285 precast concrete panels and 80 GFRC panels.
-44,000 total square ft. of Precast, 12,000 total square ft. of GFRC
-Innovative precast concrete panel design eliminated the need for interior wall mounts.
-Casting panels featured two-sided exposure, with strategic joint placement for minimal visibility.
-2015 PCI National Award Winner
-2017 PCI National Sid Freedman Craftsmanship Award Winner for Panel Design

Precast Products:
Architectural Precast and Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete

The Temple for the Latter Day Saints built in Tijuana, Mexico was intended to express a white stucco facade that mimics the traditional plaster finish common in Mexico’s architecture. Both Architectural Precast and GFRC can look very similar to plaster, but also provides the durability and the longevity that a project like this will need. There will be thousands of people over many years that will enter this sanctuary and experience its beauty, strength and enduring design. The entrance features three ornate arches reaching two-stories high. The first 3 floors and lower roof are made of Precast. The entire tower above the lower roof was made of light weight GFRC. The spire is flanked by GFRC scrolls at each corner. CNC (Computer Numeric Control) technology was used to produce precise forms necessary to cast each of the "scrolled panels". Translating an electronic 3-D image for a CNC robotic cutting machine ensures precision accuracy for the negative form to create the finished panel. This project showcases the ability to create ornate shapes in both Precast and GFRC.


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Latter Day Saints Tijuana Temple

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